Wedding flowers 101: Unique ideas for vessels & vases

Posted by Hannah

Flowers are always going to be a big deal when a florist gets married and I spent weeks – OK, months – mulling over different ideas for our special day. Over a new series of weekly posts, I’m going to share some of my key decisions to help inspire future brides thinking about flowers for your own wedding.

For many brides, your wedding is the first time you’ve really had to think seriously about flowers (that’s why we often ask our mums and grannies for advice, right?) so it can feel quite overwhelming to know where to start. This series will help to demystify wedding flowers and encourage you to develop your own unique style.

First up – top tips for choosing unique vessels for your table arrangements.

Wine glasses with flowers

Photography,  Flowers / Glasses: £70 for 6, Jasmine Way

Supporting role
Flowers may be the stars of the show, but vessels play a vital supporting role in the style of your table arrangements. They can completely lift your display so take time to think about the containers you’d like to use. The options are endless and don’t have to match for each table if you’re going for a more relaxed look.

idea glass cube wedding flowersVase: £3, Ikea / Jill Sander runway flowers, Fall 2012

Pretty much anything can be used to hold flowers as long as it is watertight – and even if it isn’t, you could pop a floristry tray or jar inside it, or line the container with cellophane. You could go for traditional glass containers like fish bowls, tall martini glasses or cube vases, or get creative as you like with vintage gems or recycled items. Asking friends and family to loan vases, such as china tea cups or cut glass collections, is a lovely way to personalise your displays.

wedding flowers in jarsPhotography,  Flowers / Jar, £6.95, Dotcomgiftshop

Size matters
Consider whether you want one medium to large size table arrangement for each table, or a selection of smaller ones. Think about the neck size of your vessels too – those with large openings take a lot of flowers (and expense) to fill, while bottles for example, look pretty with single stem.

To avoid your tables looking cluttered, think about any other details such as candles and favours, and allow enough space for them. And finally, consider the height of your arrangements and opt for below face height when sat down so your guests can see each other over dinner, or tall arrangements with a thin stem so your guests can see around them. Nothing is more anti-social than a big display obstructing everyone’s view!

Glass terrainium table centresPhotography, Flowers / Mini glass cloche: from £18, Rowen & Wren

Under inspection
Glass terraniums and cloches are a wonderful way to highlight your table flowers and make them feel extra special. You could use potted plants or succulents, or display flowers in small vessels and pop a glass dome on top. They’re not cheap to buy – but it’s the kind of thing you can definitely use again – or your florist may have some you can hire.

mercury glass bottlePhotography, Flowers / Mercury glass bottle (gold or silver) £9, Wilko

Colour stories
Your containers should compliment not distract from the flowers, so think carefully about the colour you choose. Glass and metal are always a safe bet, and anything green or neutral, like white, black, grey, beige, cream or stone. I also view gold and silver as neutrals, and a great way to add a glamorous touch.

However, if you’re going for a mis-matched, eclectic look – throw the rulebook out the window and go with whatever you fancy. Equally, if you’re going for a single flower colour – different white blooms for example, with lots of foliage – a mix of coloured containers can look really effective (notice how the blue glass below really makes the pink pop).

Blue glass mason jars

Blue glass mason jars, £20, WBC / PhotographyFlowers

BLOOM choice
When we started planning about a year ago, I was all for using jam jars but after working on several weddings with jars, I decided to go for something different. We started collecting vintage tins and glass apothecary bottles to create an informal, eclectic look. As the date was nearing and we didn’t have enough tins, we started recycling old food tins – golden syrup, baked beans, Campbell’s soup (there’s a limited edition run with the cool old pop art style labels) – and gave them an aged look with paint (DIY on this coming soon).

We arranged a random cluster of different vessels on the dinner tables, and dotted them around other parts of the venue. Following from the colour point above – I soon realised I couldn’t afford to be fussy when hunting for vintage tins – so I embraced the relaxed, mis-matched look. I was so pleased with the result. Imperfect beauty at its best.

Shustoke farm barn wedding flowersPhotography / Flowers: BLOOM fleuriste (us!) / Vessels: vintage – available to hire from BLOOM fleuriste

What containers are you planning to use on your big day? Please share your ideas and don’t hesitate to ask any questions. If you’d like to find out about our floral design services, drop us a line here.

Hannah Ricci is a trained florist and co-owner of BLOOM fleuriste, and a freelance interior stylist, writer and editor.


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