Wedding flowers 101 | Don’t forget foliage

Posted by Hannah

When I worked in a florists shop, people often asked for bouquets to be made without ‘filler foliage’ and this used to really rile me sometimes. In one way, I get it: they wanted the whole budget to go on pretty flowers, but I always felt they were missing out on the wonderful world of foliage. Greenery is not something to be frowned upon, in fact, quite the contrary. It plays a vital supporting role to the flowers, but it also beautiful in its own right and should be embraced not avoided.

In some of our wedding consultations recently, brides have specifically requested greenery among their chosen blooms and it’s lovely to chat about ideas. So today, I’m sharing three of our favourite foliage you might like to consider incorporating into your own wedding flowers.

Dusty Miller

Senecio cineraria – aka Dusty Miller – has a magical quality for me with its delicate grey lacy velvet leaves. It is one of the plants that feels too perfect to be natural. It’s popping up on many brides’ Pinterest boards and we’re excited to use in all kinds of floral designs, from bouquets and button holes, to table arrangements and garlands.
dusty miller bouquetSource / Source


Oh Eucalyptus, how I love thee. I am drawn to the lovely scent and greyish tones of this foliage, and its never ending versatility. Some varieties like Baby Blue and Cinerea give a wonderful architectural quality to arrangements , while others like Nicholii and Populus work well for trailing.

Eucalyptus bouquetSource


We’ve fallen hard for Viburnum and look forward to incorporating it into many arrangements this year. From the tiny berries in black, blue, purple and red to the fairy-like delicate flower clusters in pink, cream and pale green – it lends an ethereal feel that we can’t get enough of.

Viburnum bouquetSource / Source unknown


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