Moodboard Monday: Feelin’ hot hot hot

Hot pink is a love it or hate it kinda hue, but I think it all comes down to what you pair it with. It’s undoubtedly a difficult colour to wear without looking like a seven-year-old disco dancer, but just see how chic that blonde looks below by toning down the neon with a chic nude coat and knit.

In flower world, there’s so many yummy hot pink blooms that we’re spoilt for choice. From roses and carnations (they’re making a come back, honest) to peonies, rannunculus and our all time favourite – the weird and wonderful celosia.

Celosia is just mind blowing, both the cristata variety (in the bouquet up there in the header) that looks like a brain and the argenta (bottom right) standing up right and demanding to be noticed. Are you a fan of hot pink or is it all a bit OTT?

hot pink wedding flowers
hot corsages / neon & nude

pink door / unknown

wrapped rannunculus / pink peony posy

 washi tape heart / celosia argentea


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