Spring clean with flowers

Posted by Melissa.

Spring is just around the corner so it’s time to dust off those cobwebs and put some colour back into our days. There is something really quite satisfying about packing away all the warm tones of the winter season and making way for fresh bright colours.

So with this in mind and my purse beginning to recover from the over indulgence at Christmas, I am starting to hunt for cheerful vessels for bright bustling blooms.

white spring flowersDunelm Mill blue vase, £4.99 / H&M glass vases

During spring I like to keep my blooms in the home simple and clean, minimal fuss but still rather cheerful. You can’t beat Anemone, Rannunculus, Apple Blossom, Tulips and a cheeky Banksia or two (I can’t resist… I’m heading to Australia soon and get to see these babies in the wild!).

Colour-wise, nothing says spring to me quite like white and green, and I love to take the freshness up a notch with the addition of blue. Throw some foliage of your choice into the mix (we are firm believers in foliage and we practice what we preach) and you have a wonderful spring display.

BanksiaPineapple vase, £29.99 / Short bottle vase, £7

A statement display doesn’t have to break the bank. Think recycled jam jars and sauce bottles, vintage apothecary bottles and some bargain basement vessels from the likes of H&M Home, Sainsbury’s, Dunelm Mill and good old Wilko. But if you do have more cash to spare, or are treating someone with a gift, we love West Elm, Anthropologie and Zara Home for some gorgeous statement pieces.

Green, white and blue flowersMercury glass vases from £3.95 / Blue and white vase, £24


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