Ingredients | Fresh herbs

Posted by Hannah

Fresh herbs are really rather wonderful aren’t they? They transformed my cooking when I really started getting into food a few years ago and we’re now using them more and more in floral designs. They lend a distinctive aroma to arrangements, which is particularly lovely for weddings because smell is such an evocative sense. Use some rosemary in your bouquet and buttonholes for example, and you’ll be swept back to your special day each time you chop some up for dinner. What a treat.

Herb wedding bouquetSource / Source

 Rosemary definitely seems to be the most popular herb of choice at the moment, with several of our couples wishing to incorporate it in their wedding flowers. We also like to use mint, thyme, oregano and sage but the possibilities don’t stop there – you can use whatever you want or have growing in your garden.

Herb buttonholeSource / Source

Herbs are a great ingredient for couples that like to cook and work really well for table centre arrangements, giving off a fresh and homely scent for your guests while they enjoy their meal. Check out the line up below to get to know your fresh herbs.


1. Coriander; 2. Mint; 3. Parsley; 4. Dill; 5. Basil; 6. Oregano; 7; Rosemary;

8. Chives; 9. Sage; 10: Savory; 11. Thyme; 12. Tarragon; 13. Majoram.

PS. I love this post on handy tips for keeping and using fresh herbs over on Chalkboard Mag.


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