Monday moodboard | The anti-theme

Posted by Hannah.

Are you having a theme for your wedding? Themes can be great fun and are a good starting point when thinking about the style of your big day, but it’s often nice to do away with a specific theme and let your personal style lead the way. So today’s moodboard is a little different. It is inspired by things I’m personally drawn to at the moment – with no set colour palette or specific style in mind – to encourage you to pull together images of what you like and see how they fit together.

We often have conversations with brides who have Pinboards stuffed full of ideas and they are anxious that they are all jumbled up and mis-matched. Pinterest is amazing, but it can easily lead to inspiration overload. If this sounds all too familiar, don’t panic. Creating a focused moodboard like this with eight or so images forces you to ruthlessly edit all those ideas to keep only the ones you love the most.

We often help our brides do this and you’d be amazed at the results. When you keep the things you truly love, a natural pattern emerges to show your personal style, which helps make all those decisions for flowers, accessories and decorations so much easier. Give it a go! We use Ribbet to create our moodboards – it’s free to join and limits the number of images to force some strict editing. Alternatively, stick to Pinterest but start a new wedding style board and give yourself an 8-10 image limit.

So here’s my ant-theme moodboard, I’d love to see yours.gypsy moodboard

nude wedding moodboardUnknown / Up-do with headpiece

Liam Stevens illustrated invitation / Pink metallic sling-back

Peach & nude bouquet / Lace wedding skirt and top

Grey layered suit / unknown


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