Wedding flowers 101 | It’s all in the details

I popped down to London yesterday for some meetings and the book launch of Home for Now (more on that next week), and took some time to check out the capital’s bounty of haberdashery shops. I found so much inspiration; I was like a kid in a sweet shop. I limited myself to a collection of ribbons in whites, ivory, nude, dusty pink and gold, and a few lovely linens to use as table cloths and runners.

the cloth shop

I highly recommend The Cloth House on Berwick Street in Soho (there’s two in the same street) – it is stuffed full of gorgeous things like ribbons, trimmings, fabrics, buttons… basically everything you need for personalising your wedding style. You’ll be in heaven if you’re a magpie like me!

the cloth house londonTrimmings are a great way to personalise your wedding flowers and the overall styling of your day. They really finish things off and make everything feel that little bit extra special. We love talking trimmings with our couples and discussing ideas that will compliment and personalise your bouquet style. There’s no limit to what you can use but here are some nice ideas that you might like to consider.

A classic choice that seems to be enjoying a resurgence with multiple lengths streaming loosely for a relaxed and romantic look. Satin, silk, velvet, grosgrain… there’s countless options in every colour imaginable from slim and dainty to wide and bountiful. Pale neutrals are always good but it’s also a nice idea to to match your boy’s suit, so navy or grey ribbon wrapped around your bouquet for example, to tie your newlywed look together.

wedding bouquetRustic ribbon bouquet/ Hessian ribbon

Chic and beautiful with a vintage feel, lace is lovely finishing touch, particularly if you’re wearing a lace dress. White and ivory are classic choices but cream, nude, peach and dusty pinks are great choices too. Good quality lace isn’t cheap and can be tricky to come by, so I always keep my eye out for offcuts in antique shops, on eBay and Etsy.
lace wedding bouquetPink bouquet / Lace & hessian wrap

This is an increasingly popular option for brides after a casual rustic look, particularly for barn weddings. You could go for hessian fabric or jute ribbon, wrapped with garden twine or paired with lace or ribbon for a multi-layered look.

hessian bouquetHessian stems

Trim & twine

I’m a little bit obsessed with twine and have reels of the stuff cluttering up my supply cupboard. But it’s just so damn useful, and pretty too of course. From rustic garden string to candy-striped bakers twine, there’s so much to choose from to add extra sass and style to your bouquet. And it doesn’t stop there – it’s useful for favours, place cards, table plans and hanging decorations around the venue.

twineGarden twine  / Bakers twine


If you love a bit of crafting, you’ll be all over trimmings already and the immense potential they hold for styling up your big day. I adore a bit of bobble trim… it’s pure kitsch but I don’t care!

trGold trim / Bobble trim

 Buttons, brooches and other gems

Once you’ve decided on the wrap material, your bouquet can be styled up further with all manner of lovely things. Vintage brooches, colour buttons, gem stones, beads, pearls… there is SO much to choose from. You can use a family heirloom, go rummaging in charity shops or splash out on something fancy since you’ll only need one or a handful at most.

Ribbet collagePearls and gems

Dress offcuts
If your dress is being altered, keep the offcuts and talk to your florist about using them to bind your bouquet. It’s a nice bit of recycling and really ties your look together.


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