Monday Moodboard | The Colour Purple

Posted by Hannah.

Things have been pretty hectic around here lately, what with Melissa moving to Sydney with her honey (sob) last month and the wedding season hotting up, but I’m pleased to back in blog land with a new Monday Moodboard.

I fall in and out of love with purple all the time. I probably loved it most when I was about 13 years old and pestered my dad to paint my bedroom walls pale lavender, but I’m enjoying a little flirtation with it again at the moment. It all depends on the particular shade and what you pair it with. As one our Bloom brides aptly put it “no Cadbury purple” and I couldn’t agree more. While it can work to make a dramatic impact, purple is the darkest colour on the colour spectrum, which causes it to dominate and overshadow more delicate shades.

Lavender, mauve and violet on the other hand look gorgeous when paired with soft pinks, white, peach and lots of greyish green foliage. I also love warm plum shades, particularly in autumn. I’d personally avoid going all out with purple dresses, ties and purple flowers… I think it works far better as highlight hue rather than completely in your face. In fact, I think my favourite pairing is with mint as it’s so nice and fresh and can feel really modern. My purple flowers of choice are stocks and delphiniums for height, sweet peas for scent and delicacy, and Amnesia roses for their nostalgic romance. I had dusty pinkish-mauve nails for my wedding and got so many compliments on them, so that’s something to consider for a subtle touch.

purple wedding

Source unknown / Bhldn Elsa dress

Paisley mint tie / Delphiniums

Source unknown / Source unknown

Mauve Nordstrom dress / Mercury glass lanterns


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