Ingredients | Air plants

Air plants (aka Tillandsia) are my current obsession. I saw them everywhere while traveling through America in June, and I finally got my hands on some from a British grower during a visit to the Shrewsbury Flower Show at the weekend. Tillandsia are evergreen flowering plants, native to the forests, mountains and deserts of Central and South America and southern United States. The plants do not need roots to live (they only serve as anchors), as nutrients are absorbed through their leaves. This means they can be displayed anywhere like attached to other plants, hung upside down, or simply placed on a mantle… they’re insanely versatile.

air plantsTable centre / Air plant bouquet / Mixed bouquet / Wedding cake

 There’s hundreds of different varieties and I’m noticing a trend for air plants used in weddings, as the main feature in a bridal bouquet, as well as favours and decor details. They add a beautiful organic feel and interesting texture, and are sure to get your guests talking. Would you incorporate these weird and wonderful little oddities into your wedding?

tillandsia ukSingle air plant / Hanging air plant displayAir plant cage / Air plant urchins

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