Stylist’s toolkit | Rubber stamps

Rubber stamps are one of the most frequently used items in my toolkit and a great way to give weddings a creative, personal touch. So today I’m sharing some of the goodies in my arsenal that you might find useful during your big day styling prep.

Alphabet stamps
Alphabet stamps create a relaxed yet finished feel to your stationery and are ideal if you’re not so hot on Photoshop or your handwriting isn’t the neatest. My Cavallini and Co set is so well worn and used at least one a week for styling jobs, greetings cards, gift tags and much more. They’re definitely worth the investment.
rubber alphabet stamps

Image credit: Bloom Fleuriste by KeCreative | Cavallini & Co rubber stamps, £17.95, Amazon

Personalised stamps
Personalised stamps are a fabulous idea for save the dates or a personalised monogram to use throughout your wedding styling. I highly recommend the English Stamp Company for great quality and speedy delivery. I have two custom stamps of the Bloom Fleuriste logo and use them for promoting my brand at every opportunity. The English Stamp Company has a great selection of inks too.

Custom rubber stamp weddingCustom rubber stamps, The English Stamp Company | Image credit: KeCreative

Decorative stamps
If there’s a shape, pattern, word or sentiment that you want, you can be pretty sure that it exists in stamp form and if it doesn’t, it’s easy to get one made up. I love the idea of creating a wedding motif like the horse below, one that reflects your interests or where you met/got engaged, that can used throughout to tie the whole look together. Try Hobbycraft, Etsy, eBay and Amazon for ideas.

Wedding rubber stampsBloom Fleuriste by Camera Hannah | Bash Please

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