Monday moodboard | Legends of the fall

Autumn is by far my favourite season and although I’m biased, I think it’s a great time of year to get married. I love the gauzy sunlight, the warm colours of nature and the slight chill in the air. By the time October rolls around, I’m ready for the darker nights, the new coats and boots, and cosy comfort food shared over candlelight.

There’s so much inspiration for fall-time celebrations, and it doesn’t have to include red, orange and rustic-tones if that’s not your thing. Think of olive green, navy and berry tones, with textured fabrics like tweed and velvet, and even a metallic hit of copper, bronze or gold. Delicious.

My favourite autumn flowers by far are hydrangeas, with their stunning mottled two-tone petals in shades of dusky pink, tarnished green and inky purple. I lean to wild and tangled arrangements at this time of year, with warm peach-toned roses and the last of the darkest burgundy dahlias.

I love the possibilities for playing with lighting too. The dream to sit down to our wedding breakfast at dusk determined the time of day and year we got married last October, as I wanted our guests to feel cocooned in a welcoming embrace as they shared dishes and wine over flickering tealights at cosy Shustoke Barn.* Are you getting hitched in the autumn? I’d love to hear your ideas and inspiration.



Image sources unknown

*My family thought I was bonkers as I Googled the time of sunset on our wedding date to determine the time of our ceremony and consequent dinner, but they agreed the dusk-time meal had a magical feel we wouldn’t have achieved during daylight. These are the details that matter, people!


Monday moodboard | Peachy keen

If our recent consultations are anything to go by, peach is fast becoming the colour du jour for 2015. The new coral, it seems. I’m totally on board because it’s a beautiful shade and a great way to do pastels without going feeling too girly with pink or purple.

My favourite peach blooms include David Austin Juilet, Tiffany and Finesse roses, ranunnculus, amaryllis and tulips. I like to pair them with white (hydrangeas, peonies, roses) as well as grey brunia and senecio maritima (aka Dusty Miller. However, to really mix things up, I’d bring in some dark contrasting beauties, like purple Scabiosa and Chocolate Cosmos with plenty of lush foliage and brown Queen Anne’s Lace, to add a little edge and interest to the otherwise soft palette.

Are you including peach in your wedding flowers? If so, are you keeping a fairly neutral or braving some contrasting colours? I’d love to hear your thoughts. peach weddingPeach wedding flowersJuliet rose – source unknown / Ghost dye-to-order dress

Escort cards / Via Once Wed, source unknown

Table centre / Essie Tart Deco

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Monday Moodboard: Ebony & Ivory

There is little more chic than black and white (or ivory). It’s the fail-safe combo I go for whenever I’m stuck for what to wear and I’ll be decorating my dream kitchen in a monochrome scheme (with exposed brick walls and concrete worktops) when we eventually get around to buying a place. I love the idea of a black and white wedding too, whether it’s a formal black tie affair or to add a chic edge to an otherwise rustic barn do. Unexpected style mash-ups are so exciting.

Black bridesmaid’s dresses are a breeze to find and will flatter all shapes, sizes and colourings. The scheme could follow through to the flowers  – white anemone and peonies, with inky viburnum berries and darkest black pearl rannunulus and lots of lovely foliage. The options are limitless. As the bride, I’d do an Olivia Palermo and opt for a ridiculously chic skirt and top combo, with light make-up and a girly ponytail. You can’t go wrong. Since I’ve missed by chance to echo’s Olivia’s look for the big day, I shall be channeling it with this sequined Whistles top as a wedding guest this week.

Black and white wedding black and white wedding flowersBouquet / Sequin top

Peonies / Black pearl ranunulus

Chocolate soldiers (Aquilegia viridiflora) / Essie ‘Marshmellow’

Crepe maxi skirt / Black & white bridesmaids

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Monday Moodboard | The Colour Purple

Posted by Hannah.

Things have been pretty hectic around here lately, what with Melissa moving to Sydney with her honey (sob) last month and the wedding season hotting up, but I’m pleased to back in blog land with a new Monday Moodboard.

I fall in and out of love with purple all the time. I probably loved it most when I was about 13 years old and pestered my dad to paint my bedroom walls pale lavender, but I’m enjoying a little flirtation with it again at the moment. It all depends on the particular shade and what you pair it with. As one our Bloom brides aptly put it “no Cadbury purple” and I couldn’t agree more. While it can work to make a dramatic impact, purple is the darkest colour on the colour spectrum, which causes it to dominate and overshadow more delicate shades.

Lavender, mauve and violet on the other hand look gorgeous when paired with soft pinks, white, peach and lots of greyish green foliage. I also love warm plum shades, particularly in autumn. I’d personally avoid going all out with purple dresses, ties and purple flowers… I think it works far better as highlight hue rather than completely in your face. In fact, I think my favourite pairing is with mint as it’s so nice and fresh and can feel really modern. My purple flowers of choice are stocks and delphiniums for height, sweet peas for scent and delicacy, and Amnesia roses for their nostalgic romance. I had dusty pinkish-mauve nails for my wedding and got so many compliments on them, so that’s something to consider for a subtle touch.

purple wedding

Source unknown / Bhldn Elsa dress

Paisley mint tie / Delphiniums

Source unknown / Source unknown

Mauve Nordstrom dress / Mercury glass lanterns

Monday moodboard | Neon splash

Posted by Hannah.

Neon? At a wedding? Why the hell not I say. No, I’ve not lost my mind because as with everything, it’s all about how you style it. Remember those cute cacti succulents? Well that’s the kind of thing I’m talking about – little flashes of eye-popping colour among tasteful hues and accessory styling, rather than neon overkill like some kind of late 80s rave.

Bright wedding flowersTo keep it super fresh, I’d go for white and nude flowers, like Hydrangeas, Peonies and Quicksand or Menta roses. The neon could come from more florals like lime green Viburnum Opulus (Guelder rose) or Molucella, or details such as ribbon, trimmings or your choice of vessels (Plastikote spray paints and old tin cans are your friends here). Hot pink flowersHeart stickers / Pink twine

Like the green beauts up top, some blooms are so bright they almost feel neon. Coral is another option and there’s some lovely choices, most popular of which are Coral Charm or Coral Sunset peonies. Again, pairing with white or nude keeps this looking feeling fresh and it’s nice to add some brown touches through hessian and kraft paper too.

Coral flowersCoral tags / Neon grosgrain ribbon

There’s lots of options for adding neon but remember that less is always more. I’d pick one neon hue and stick with it (as seen in these split moodboards) to keep it chic. Even the tiniest touch can make your tablescape pop, like place name labels or teeny stickers on paper bags for favours.

Monday moodboard | The anti-theme

Posted by Hannah.

Are you having a theme for your wedding? Themes can be great fun and are a good starting point when thinking about the style of your big day, but it’s often nice to do away with a specific theme and let your personal style lead the way. So today’s moodboard is a little different. It is inspired by things I’m personally drawn to at the moment – with no set colour palette or specific style in mind – to encourage you to pull together images of what you like and see how they fit together.

We often have conversations with brides who have Pinboards stuffed full of ideas and they are anxious that they are all jumbled up and mis-matched. Pinterest is amazing, but it can easily lead to inspiration overload. If this sounds all too familiar, don’t panic. Creating a focused moodboard like this with eight or so images forces you to ruthlessly edit all those ideas to keep only the ones you love the most.

We often help our brides do this and you’d be amazed at the results. When you keep the things you truly love, a natural pattern emerges to show your personal style, which helps make all those decisions for flowers, accessories and decorations so much easier. Give it a go! We use Ribbet to create our moodboards – it’s free to join and limits the number of images to force some strict editing. Alternatively, stick to Pinterest but start a new wedding style board and give yourself an 8-10 image limit.

So here’s my ant-theme moodboard, I’d love to see yours.gypsy moodboard

nude wedding moodboardUnknown / Up-do with headpiece

Liam Stevens illustrated invitation / Pink metallic sling-back

Peach & nude bouquet / Lace wedding skirt and top

Grey layered suit / unknown

Monday Moodboad | In the pink

Posted by Hannah.

I can’t get enough of blush at the moment. I’m coveting these linen pillowcases from Bodie & Fou (although will probably go for these cheaper H&M ones in light pink instead) and I’m planning lots of blush wardrobe additions for our honeymoon in June (how nice is this sweater?!).

We talked about using blush in wedding flowers with grey in our Pale and Interesting moodboard, and today we’re going to look at pairing it with its sister shades – nude and dusty pink. It’s such as easy colour palette to work with and feels natural, romantic and relaxed all rolled into one. Flower-wise, Café au lait dahlias would be a must, alongside moody Avalanche roses and some English garden roses, and lots of lovely foliage.

My dream dress would be Claire Pettibone’s Queen Anne’s Lace dress (such a stunner) and we’d kit out our bridesmaids in Zara – simple bell sleeve nude dresses with killer pink heels for utter understated chic. We would channel Rachel Bilsom’s gorgeous flush cheeks and glossy hair, and wear Mac Fanfare on our lips (it’s such a gorgeous shade, we should all run out and get it for summer.)


Claire Pettibone Queen Anne’s Lace dress / Cafe au lait Dahlia

Table centre / Pink garden roses

Nude dress / Unknown

Sandals / Paper pompom / Unknown