Stylist’s toolkit | Rubber stamps

Rubber stamps are one of the most frequently used items in my toolkit and a great way to give weddings a creative, personal touch. So today I’m sharing some of the goodies in my arsenal that you might find useful during your big day styling prep.

Alphabet stamps
Alphabet stamps create a relaxed yet finished feel to your stationery and are ideal if you’re not so hot on Photoshop or your handwriting isn’t the neatest. My Cavallini and Co set is so well worn and used at least one a week for styling jobs, greetings cards, gift tags and much more. They’re definitely worth the investment.
rubber alphabet stamps

Image credit: Bloom Fleuriste by KeCreative | Cavallini & Co rubber stamps, £17.95, Amazon

Personalised stamps
Personalised stamps are a fabulous idea for save the dates or a personalised monogram to use throughout your wedding styling. I highly recommend the English Stamp Company for great quality and speedy delivery. I have two custom stamps of the Bloom Fleuriste logo and use them for promoting my brand at every opportunity. The English Stamp Company has a great selection of inks too.

Custom rubber stamp weddingCustom rubber stamps, The English Stamp Company | Image credit: KeCreative

Decorative stamps
If there’s a shape, pattern, word or sentiment that you want, you can be pretty sure that it exists in stamp form and if it doesn’t, it’s easy to get one made up. I love the idea of creating a wedding motif like the horse below, one that reflects your interests or where you met/got engaged, that can used throughout to tie the whole look together. Try Hobbycraft, Etsy, eBay and Amazon for ideas.

Wedding rubber stampsBloom Fleuriste by Camera Hannah | Bash Please

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Bloom wedding | DIY bespoke stationery

I’ve not shared much about my own wedding here on the blog, but as it comes up to our one-year anniversary, I thought it was a good time to start talking. Since save the dates are one of first things you’re likely to sort after you’ve decided on your venue, let’s kick off with stationery.

My husband calls me a stationery geek and there’s no way I can deny this title, since I do have a love for all things papery. When it came to our wedding stationery however, we planned to go easy on the crafty approach and wanted a bespoke designed suite by a graphic designer or illustrator. A few pricey quotes quickly put a stop to that idea, before I turned to Etsy and discovered the wonderful world of DIY printables. The bespoke look without the hefty price tag.

Hannah & Gav's wedding at Shustoke Farm Barns,Our invite on the DIY pinboard at my parents house alongside a photo of my dad as a kid and a poem I had published when I was 11!

DIY printables are where you buy a PDF file of a particular design (eg invitation, menu or order of service) or a full stationery suite, which you download, edit with your own details and print-off on your chosen card. It’s amazingly simple and one of my biggest tips for creating a designer look for less.

One lesson we learnt however, is that if you don’t have Photoshop, you won’t be able to save the documents to print later or send to a professional printer. So, ensure you have adequate ink and card in your home printer before you start, so you can edit and print the lot off in one go.

Hannah & Gav's wedding at Shustoke Farm Barns,Our order of service at Shustoke Barn. The wedding stationery suite was from Amy Adams Printables.

My pick of the best DIY wedding printables

There’s a DIY printable suite out there for every taste and wedding style – it’s just a case by searching by keywords to narrow down the many, many options on Etsy. I used terms like calligraphy, watercolour, kraft card and black and white to find these lovely designs. What’s your approach for wedding stationery? Are you going DIY?

Wedding stationery PDFsCalligraphy style / Black & white / Watercolour design / Lace design

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Wedding flowers 101 | It’s all in the details

I popped down to London yesterday for some meetings and the book launch of Home for Now (more on that next week), and took some time to check out the capital’s bounty of haberdashery shops. I found so much inspiration; I was like a kid in a sweet shop. I limited myself to a collection of ribbons in whites, ivory, nude, dusty pink and gold, and a few lovely linens to use as table cloths and runners.

the cloth shop

I highly recommend The Cloth House on Berwick Street in Soho (there’s two in the same street) – it is stuffed full of gorgeous things like ribbons, trimmings, fabrics, buttons… basically everything you need for personalising your wedding style. You’ll be in heaven if you’re a magpie like me!

the cloth house londonTrimmings are a great way to personalise your wedding flowers and the overall styling of your day. They really finish things off and make everything feel that little bit extra special. We love talking trimmings with our couples and discussing ideas that will compliment and personalise your bouquet style. There’s no limit to what you can use but here are some nice ideas that you might like to consider.

A classic choice that seems to be enjoying a resurgence with multiple lengths streaming loosely for a relaxed and romantic look. Satin, silk, velvet, grosgrain… there’s countless options in every colour imaginable from slim and dainty to wide and bountiful. Pale neutrals are always good but it’s also a nice idea to to match your boy’s suit, so navy or grey ribbon wrapped around your bouquet for example, to tie your newlywed look together.

wedding bouquetRustic ribbon bouquet/ Hessian ribbon

Chic and beautiful with a vintage feel, lace is lovely finishing touch, particularly if you’re wearing a lace dress. White and ivory are classic choices but cream, nude, peach and dusty pinks are great choices too. Good quality lace isn’t cheap and can be tricky to come by, so I always keep my eye out for offcuts in antique shops, on eBay and Etsy.
lace wedding bouquetPink bouquet / Lace & hessian wrap

This is an increasingly popular option for brides after a casual rustic look, particularly for barn weddings. You could go for hessian fabric or jute ribbon, wrapped with garden twine or paired with lace or ribbon for a multi-layered look.

hessian bouquetHessian stems

Trim & twine

I’m a little bit obsessed with twine and have reels of the stuff cluttering up my supply cupboard. But it’s just so damn useful, and pretty too of course. From rustic garden string to candy-striped bakers twine, there’s so much to choose from to add extra sass and style to your bouquet. And it doesn’t stop there – it’s useful for favours, place cards, table plans and hanging decorations around the venue.

twineGarden twine  / Bakers twine


If you love a bit of crafting, you’ll be all over trimmings already and the immense potential they hold for styling up your big day. I adore a bit of bobble trim… it’s pure kitsch but I don’t care!

trGold trim / Bobble trim

 Buttons, brooches and other gems

Once you’ve decided on the wrap material, your bouquet can be styled up further with all manner of lovely things. Vintage brooches, colour buttons, gem stones, beads, pearls… there is SO much to choose from. You can use a family heirloom, go rummaging in charity shops or splash out on something fancy since you’ll only need one or a handful at most.

Ribbet collagePearls and gems

Dress offcuts
If your dress is being altered, keep the offcuts and talk to your florist about using them to bind your bouquet. It’s a nice bit of recycling and really ties your look together.

Styling DIY | Cacti wedding favours

We talked about succulents a little while ago and their popularity shows no sign of waning. We’re helping a couple Bloom clients to style some cacti up as two-in-one favours and name cards for their wedding next month, and it’s such a lovely idea to give your guests something living to take home (that they’ll actually want to keep!).

Cute as they are, succulents and cacti often come in non-descript black or brown plastic containers, which could do with a little jazzing up. I won’t share our clients styling DIY yet so as not to spoil the surprise for their guests, but here’s another super quick and easy way to spruce up your pots, whether for your wedding or simply to dot around the house.

NB. I brought these sweet little cacti are from Wilko for £1.50 each as I only wanted three for this project, but if you need a larger quantity of 10+ ask your florist to source them for you as it works out cheaper if you buy in bulk.

cacti wedding favours

Cacti wedding favour DIY

What you’ll need:

  • Collection of cacti or succulents
  • Plastikote spray paint
  • Dymo embossing label maker (find a selection here)
  • Scrap newspaper
  • Water spray
  • Gardening gloves (optional)

neon pink plant potWhat to do:

  1. Gently squeeze the pots and carefully remove the plants – they should pop out quite easily with soil and roots intact (be careful with the prickles if you’re not using gloves). Set aside on some newspaper.
  2. Brush off any soil and set out the pots upside down on some newspaper. You can do a quite a few at once, but allow enough space between them so you can spray all around.
  3. Following the spray paint instructions, apply an even coat of paint to each pot and set aside to dry (about 10 minutes).
  4. Meanwhile, get to work on your labels with the Dymo.
  5. When the paint is touch dry, apply a second coat and allow to dry. This may be sufficient, but you may want to apply a third coat for more vibrancy.
  6. The cacti may have dried out a little while out of their pots, so spritz lightly with water spray and pop them back in.
  7. Apply your labels and you’re done!

succulent favours

The finished pots and cacti look so sweet you certainly don’t need a wedding to try out this DIY. My three little guys are happy sitting on the mantelpiece and bring a pretty pop of neon to the living room.

Looking for lots more unique and stylish ideas to personalise your wedding? Get in touch and let us help with inspiration and expert advice.

Ingredients | Fresh herbs

Posted by Hannah

Fresh herbs are really rather wonderful aren’t they? They transformed my cooking when I really started getting into food a few years ago and we’re now using them more and more in floral designs. They lend a distinctive aroma to arrangements, which is particularly lovely for weddings because smell is such an evocative sense. Use some rosemary in your bouquet and buttonholes for example, and you’ll be swept back to your special day each time you chop some up for dinner. What a treat.

Herb wedding bouquetSource / Source

 Rosemary definitely seems to be the most popular herb of choice at the moment, with several of our couples wishing to incorporate it in their wedding flowers. We also like to use mint, thyme, oregano and sage but the possibilities don’t stop there – you can use whatever you want or have growing in your garden.

Herb buttonholeSource / Source

Herbs are a great ingredient for couples that like to cook and work really well for table centre arrangements, giving off a fresh and homely scent for your guests while they enjoy their meal. Check out the line up below to get to know your fresh herbs.


1. Coriander; 2. Mint; 3. Parsley; 4. Dill; 5. Basil; 6. Oregano; 7; Rosemary;

8. Chives; 9. Sage; 10: Savory; 11. Thyme; 12. Tarragon; 13. Majoram.

PS. I love this post on handy tips for keeping and using fresh herbs over on Chalkboard Mag.

Spring clean with flowers

Posted by Melissa.

Spring is just around the corner so it’s time to dust off those cobwebs and put some colour back into our days. There is something really quite satisfying about packing away all the warm tones of the winter season and making way for fresh bright colours.

So with this in mind and my purse beginning to recover from the over indulgence at Christmas, I am starting to hunt for cheerful vessels for bright bustling blooms.

white spring flowersDunelm Mill blue vase, £4.99 / H&M glass vases

During spring I like to keep my blooms in the home simple and clean, minimal fuss but still rather cheerful. You can’t beat Anemone, Rannunculus, Apple Blossom, Tulips and a cheeky Banksia or two (I can’t resist… I’m heading to Australia soon and get to see these babies in the wild!).

Colour-wise, nothing says spring to me quite like white and green, and I love to take the freshness up a notch with the addition of blue. Throw some foliage of your choice into the mix (we are firm believers in foliage and we practice what we preach) and you have a wonderful spring display.

BanksiaPineapple vase, £29.99 / Short bottle vase, £7

A statement display doesn’t have to break the bank. Think recycled jam jars and sauce bottles, vintage apothecary bottles and some bargain basement vessels from the likes of H&M Home, Sainsbury’s, Dunelm Mill and good old Wilko. But if you do have more cash to spare, or are treating someone with a gift, we love West Elm, Anthropologie and Zara Home for some gorgeous statement pieces.

Green, white and blue flowersMercury glass vases from £3.95 / Blue and white vase, £24

New arrivals | Volpe & Volpe swan vases

These beauts arrived in the studio last week and we’ve not stopping cooing over them. Designed by Trish Scorgie at Volpe & Volpe in East London, the swan vases are handmade at the original potteries up the road from us in Stoke-on-Trent. Trish brings this heritage design bang up to date with modern colours and we’ve selected pistachio green, natural and goose grey as a nice natural base for our designs.


We’re excited to start using them for table centres and mantel displays for weddings and events (we’ve 12 in total). The swans look so elegant with one flower type (like the lilac and leucadendron below), or a modern arrangement to contrast with the vintage design, or even filled with an abundance of wildflowers. Yummy.